Zircon stone

Zircon is not the synthetic material known as cubic zirconia. Coincidentally, zircon is the original diamond simulant. When properly cut, colorless stones can make beautiful and convincing diamond substitutes and even outshine mediocre diamonds.

Its high dispersion is close to that . Well known for its flashes of multicolored light. This effect can be reversed by giving the stones a second heat treatment.

For this reason, care must also be taken when faceting Zircon gemstones. In fact many people who are aware of zircon confuse it with the diamond simulant cubic zironia. The two materials are, of course, completely different.

Cubic zirconia is a lab-created material while zircon is a natural mineral with . An unusual trait with zircon is that its gemological properties exhibit very wide ranges, such as hardness ratings spanning from 6. The oldest known zircon stones are from Western Australia, with an age of 4. The name probably comes from the Persian word zargun which means gold-colore though zircon comes in a wide range of different colors. The most popular zircon color is blue. People wearing Zircon have an artistic or a glamorous profession like acting, singing, music, dance etc.

Medically this stone protects from hormonal imbalance related ailments. It is also believed that this stone benefits the urinary and . In Indian astrology, Jarkan stone strengthens Venus (Shukra) and is the upratna for Libra (Tula) and Taurus (Vrish). Zircon stone gives its wearer mental peace, confidence, a good attitude, and marital bliss and health benefits.

Ascendants of Virgo, Gemini, Aquarius . The colorless variety of zircon has been the most popular kin as it is the most similar looking stone to diamond because if its brilliance and dispersion. Sadly, zircon is often confused with . Find here details of companies selling Zircon Stone , for your purchase requirements. Get latest info on Zircon Stone , suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders with Zircon Stone prices for buying.

Radiant zircon is the oldest known gemstone, with some crystals dating back billion years, but also perhaps the most misunderstood. So while zircon and synthetic cubic zirconia may appear to be the same stone and have similar, oft-confused names, they are vastly different stones. Its chemical name is zirconium silicate and its corresponding chemical formula is ZrSiO4.

A common empirical formula showing some of the range of substitution in zircon is (Zr1–y, REEy)(SiO4)1–x(OH)4x–y. Zircon forms in silicate melts with large proportions of. Its blue can be as attractive and deeply saturated as a top quality sapphire and its brilliance rivals that of a diamond. ZIRCON is regarded as the traditional birthstone for December. The fiery, brilliance of zircon can rival any gemstone.

Probably one of the most maligne mis-identified and misunderstood members of the colored stone family. Natural zircon today suffers on account of the similarity of its name to cubic zirconia, the.

Zircon crystals or stones have an intense spiritual energy. Many people say what can a stone do to the destiny of a person. We have been receiving constant requests to put up an article on detailed explained of the rationale or science behind it, if any. We intend to cater to this request soon, but in the meantime just enjoy reading the post on uses of zircon in . Buy Zircon Online At Wholesale Prices.

In this category you will find all types of Zircon including stones from Cambodia, Tanzania, Pakistan, Australia and Brazil. There is also Zircon rough and Zircon pairs to choose from. Ratti Natural Shining Cubic Zirconia American Diamond Loose Gemstone online at low price in India on Amazon.