A Trompo or Whipping Top is a top which is spun by winding a length of string around the body, and launching it so that lands spinning on its point. If the string is attached to a stick the rotation can be maintained by whipping the side of the body. The string may also be wound around the point while the trompo is spinning in . De múltiples formas y funcionamientos, los hay de numerosos . Locuciones= ponerse como un trompo : mangiare e bere fino a scoppiare.

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Trompo or Trompos is a traditional game popular in much of Latin America, including Ecuador. Children of all ages can play this game. The Trompo is a special top. They were originally made of woo but they can also be made of plastic or metal. The tops are pear-shaped amd fat on the top and thin near the end.

Kid (right handed) plays spinning top with left hand when his right hand is broken. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Перевод контекст trompo c испанский на русский от Reverso Context: ¿O es tan posible que tu cabeza gira como un trompo ?

Отсутствует пример употребления (см. рекомендации). If Mexico City, and by extension Mexico, were to have an iconic taco, it would be the taco al pastor. This bantam assembly of marinated pork shaved from a trompo (a vertical rotisserie) on a corn tortilla with pineapple, cilantro, onions and salsa is the object of lust for many taco enthusiasts.

See authoritative translations of El trompo in English with audio pronunciations. The trompo is the tool of the Bee Miraculous. I drove mins from Atlanta to eat there, twice. I love the wide range of meat options.

The beef tongue is my favorite! Деревянный волчок, который запускается c пoмoщью шнура, научись запускать его и развлекайся, играя в традиционнyю игрy, распространеннyю по всему миру. Next door to a tire shop, this fluorescent-lit room could feasibly fit a few tables, but there are none (something about the building code), so the only furniture is a couple of stools and a small table on top of which sits a mini fridge of Cokes . People talk about best tacos in dallas, green sauce and red salsa. See reviews and recommendations.

Mexican Restaurant in Dallas, Texas. But instea we entered Trompo for an intimate gathering of tacomakers and aficionados hosted by Luis Olvera, proprietor and El Rey del Trompo. As with most speakeasies, you enter through the rear or, in this case, the driveway.

He has carved out a space for himself in this industry and neighborhood and has a family and home. He denies recognition to Trompo Loco, .

Trompo : Traduzione del termine Trompo – Dizionario di Spagnolo. In the Spanish description: guaraca – peonza. English: head spin – screw roll – top – shaper – whirligig – wriggler – dizzily – spin out. By spring, the snow was getting slushy, the river and ditches were starting to thaw and it was time to look for your best trompo (wooden top) and a high quality piece of heavy cord for spinning what you hoped would be your champion trompo for that season.

Trompos was highly competitive and required great skill at spinning. Stiamo facendo del nostro meglio per avere il testo da te richiesto il prima possibile.