Stamped concrete

For large projects in particular, that means diagraming the stamping layout in advance, having the stamping tools lined up and ready to go, and making sure enough labor is available for the job at hand. The ability of stamped concrete to resemble other . DIY stamped concrete ( making) patio and walkway. BRICKFORM will go over the Stamping.

Modern design decorative concrete.

Decorative concrete is an attractive and economical alternative to natural paving materials or plain poured concrete. You can achieve many different looks, and with advance planning, will be able to get just the. More homeowners opt for stamped concrete patios that mimic stone, brick or tile for outdoor areas, or resurface old concrete for a new look at a lower cost. For customers in Cincinnati Ohio Looking for Stamped Concrete Patios, Seating Walls, Columns and Fire Pits.

Come visit our showroom, see how we can make your outdoor living space more inviting! We also offer Concrete Driveway and Patio Sealing. Santa Barbara Surfacing, Inc.

We provide several options, including standard gray concrete, colored concrete, and stamped concrete that can be applied to patios, driveways, walkways, and more.

It is poured and stamped with a pattern to resemble brick, flagstone or wood. While stamped concrete costs more than a concrete slab or asphalt, it is attractive and less expensive than stones or pavers. Stamped concrete serves as a low-cost alternative to other materials for paving and decorating. Concrete is a strong and durable material that has a number of uses around the house. Homeowners can use concrete as a patio material, a driveway, a sidewalk or pathway.

Those who dislike the bland or boring look of traditional concrete may appreciate the look of stamped concrete. Available in multiple colors, the . Slideshows and Photo Galleries of Stamped Concrete Patios, Driveways and Walkways. Learn the difference between both and which option will best fit your unique needs. Working with concrete is an art.

That may be an understatement when talking about decorative concrete. With over years of experience in stamped concrete , stained concrete, and detailed flatwork we are experts in this field. From the bid to the final walkthrough you will feel confident with your decision . A decorative concrete pool deck, stamped , colore and textured creates an inviting area surrounding the pool during your summer gatherings and barbecues. We focus our attention on providing the highest customer satisfaction.

We are experts in providing high quality service no matter the size or type of concrete project.