New tarmac

When it was time to design a new Tarmac , we looked to pro racing to decide how we should improve it. To pull this off, we had to turn traditional design on its hea but . Abbiamo dovuto stravolgere nuovamente il. La sesta generazione della Specialized Tarmac cresce e migliora sotto tutti gli aspetti tecnologici. Nuovo telaio molto più leggero, maneggevole, aerodinamico, versatile, con nuove geometrie .

Sitting at the very top of the non-S- Works range, Specialized pitches the Tarmac Pro to riders obsessed . Is Specialized set to unveil a new Tarmac SLrace bike at. We tested the bike in the USA and here are our first impressions. Mark Cote, Specialized CMO, . So, the goal for the new Tarmac was easy to set: faster, lighter and better handling than the previous Specialized Tarmac – though that was no easy task with the Specialized Tarmac of old being a great handling bike – with great aerodynamics, and not forgetting compliance.

In other words, all the best . In this review I will detail the significant changes in the geometry of this all new Tarmac and describe what impact a lighter and more aerodynamic bike has on overall ride quality.

Additionally, I will provide an . The Specialized S-Works Tarmac might just be the most successful frame of the last decade. I have a confession to make though. I recently got the chance to ride the all- new Specialized Tarmac on successive days, mixing in tough climbs, super technical descents and.

Therersquo;s a new Specialized Tarmac in town. Itrsquo;s designated the SLto continue Specializedrsquo;s previous naming protocol, but. Peter wanted to go faster. The seat tube also uses a more aerodynamic D-shaped cross-section along with a cut-out for the rear wheel, which Specialized claims has contributed to a considerable reduction in drag.

The long-awaited new Tarmac , the bike that we were sure was going to have wild aerodynamic shaping and tout being the stiffest and lightest of all the Tarmac models yet. After the success of the SL the next iteration of the Tarmac had some big shoes to fill, and how else could Specialized do it than with double-digit. Specialized says the new Tarmac frame is 2grams lighter but makes no sacrifices in comfort or speed.

The new model Tarmac will be available in a number of updated . The new Specialized Tarmac SLfinds ways to improve on one of our favorite race bikes with aero touches and better compliance. With this revamp, we also updated the geometry—basing it on countless Retül data points and professional rider input. This enabled us to develop a performance road . GRUPPO SHIMANO DURACE 11V.

Along with the all new Diverge, Specialized had another major road bike announcement while we were in New Jersey – the all new Tarmac. Even with more than 2victories on the current SL Specialized and their racers wanted something better. Noi siamo saliti sulla nuova Tarmac di Specialized.

Anche lasciando andare i freni nelle valli del New Jersey dove Specialized ha presentato alla stampa internazionale la bicicletta. La nuova bicicletta sta per .