It is ideal coating to renew existing surfaces in a practical, fast and innovative way. Esempio di applicazione di microtopping in un bagno. MICROTOPPING – IDEAL WORK, Superfici continue ad effetto materico per ambienti lineari e avvolgenti, realizzabili in soli 3mm. Learn how to apply it and its advantages. Ideaal dus om te gebruiken in de badkamer.


We answer the most frequently asked questions about the microtopping wall. How to care and clean surfaces. New design criteria has seen concrete become increasingly in demand by architects and designers to create spaces with contemporary aesthetics. Coverage will vary depending on the porosity and texture of the concrete.

Concrete micro-topping overlay for coating over old worn concrete. Perfect for staining, coloring, and sealing. All of the components are pre-blended in the bag making it extremely easy to use. Depending upon the condition of the substrate an .

Application is accomplished in layers usually with trowels or squeegees. Utilizzare la vernice al posto delle piastrelle per rivestire il bagno? Fino a qualche anno fa, infatti, erano pochi i materiali disponibili per rivestire il bagno e renderlo perfettamente pulibile e sanificabile come indica.

Micro Topping creates an . Once mixed properly it has excellent consistency, with good mixing, placing and finishing properties. This microtopping is an easy to use, trowelable style mix that can be used on a variety of interior surfaces. The microtopping is applied in a very thin . Helps yield an exceptionally smooth tight-troweled finish that can provide a new “blank canvas” for decorative concrete floors.

The finish is then able to accept dye, stains, and sealers. An ideal system for interior or exterior applications. Withstands heavy commercial foot . It may also be placed vertically on interior walls, creating the look of Venetian plaster. We sent our experienced flooring team . It is available as a white or gray dry powder in Smooth grade, and mixed with BRICKFORM Liquid Polymer.

The Smooth Grade is applied over SM . Also find here related product comparison.