Marble tour carrara

Book now a tour for you and your family! Scrivi una recensioneRecensioni (451). Fantiscritti Marble Quarries, or cave, has a minute 4xjeep tour that gives visitors a chance to get an inside look at the quarries and also includes a fantastic view from . But first there is something you should know about it.

Carrara Tour Marmo Cava 177. Come to discover with us from where Michelangelo use to take the whitest marble for his masterpieces.

Admire a lot of skill workers climbing the marble caves. Our expert guide will explain you how a rough . Un vero e proprio “Adventure Tour” a bordo di una Jeep 4Xoffroad! Validità: Marzo, Aprile, Settembre, Ottobre tutti i giorni dalle alle 16.

I would also ask about visiting a Marble workshop . Experience the Marble Quarries on a 4xoff road adventure. A unique experience to get in touch with the most famous marble of the world. Enter exclusively in a still-working quarry, enjoy great views from the quarries up to the sea and have an ancient quarryman.

Along the way, admire picturesque villages along the Liguria and Tuscany coastlines.

Reaching the rugged Apuane Mountains, you? Drive in a 4xDefender and explore the sci-fi landscape, finishing with the famous lardo di Colonnata for lunch. Get the most out of your holiday in Tuscany.

I am finding lots of mine tours but do they visit the sculptors also? Discover these beautiful landscapes and the taste of Lardo di Colonnata. Il primo tratto della nostra visita si svolge per circa minuti in minibus. Arrivati in cava si prosegue a piedi lungo un percorso agibile a tutti, bambini, anziani e disabili . Feel the thrill of an action-packed day . This tour is a unique possibility to see stunning places . Sculpturs from Michelangelo to Henry Moore have tramped up there in search of the perfect block and today the town houses . Sightseeing tour in Italy.

CARRARA MARBLE QUARRRIES on 4×off road vehicle and Tasting of “lardo di Colonnata”. Explore the Tuscany less traveled! Cava di Fantiscritti – Galleria Ravaccione n. Revive the history of white blocks of marble , the most famous of the world from the quarry to .