Laser screed

If you want higher Floor Levelness numbers, the S-8will provide you with better performance than any other mechanical method and is one of the most versatile concrete machines available. The S-8has three options for your convenience: a fully automated self-leveling screed hea a raking hea and a sub-grade . You asked and we delivered. Developed with customer feedback, Somero is proud to launch the new S-22EZ.

La ditta fornisce assistenza tecnica, supporto alla progettazione e costruzione di . Laser Screeds are self-propelled four wheel drive, four wheel steer units.

The screed head itself consists of parts: the plow, the auger, and the vibrator. The plow disperses the concrete evenly, the auger removes the excess . Our Goal is to make sure your questions are answered and to build a Long term relationship . Full-time electrical system diagnostics – alerts the operator instantly should an electrical fault occur within wires, switches, connectors, etc. Full-time hydraulic system diagnostics – provides hydraulic system information to the operator regarding system and manifold pressures, supply and return . Somero product range includes: Small line machine namely CopperHead which is also suitable for upper deck or suspended slabs. S-8new introduction is equipped with raking hea augers and finishing head.

Qualified and Experienced in Industrial, Commercial and Residential Concrete Construction.

Tom Oury of Somero Enterprises brings an inside look at the historical development, current use and future potential of the laser screed and its value in advancing the efficiencies of wide placement concrete pouring. Albuquerque concrete contractor Cornerstone Contractors Somero laser screed. Jernigan Concrete Pumping provides concrete pump rentals to M DC, and Northern VA.

We provide repair services as well as laser screed , telebelt, rollback , and shotcrete rental. The major advancement on the S- 22EZ is the incorporation of a new EZ Clean Head. The laser grading box utilizes lasers, machine control technology, and a digital proportional valve to dramatically increase grade accuracy. Using this technology, our operators can reach grade faster and easier. In its simplest form, concrete is a mixture of paste and aggregate (sand and rock).

The paste, composed of cement and water, coats the surface of the fine (sand) and coarse aggregates (rocks) and binds them together into a rock- like . A laser screed bridging system will increase the profitability of your Somero laser screed when using it on concrete finishing, top spreading, leveling, 3D profiling, double mat, single mat, post tension floors, placing or wire mesh floors. Get the most productivity out of your Somero S-2laser screed by using a Landsport . An automated concrete screeding machine allows one operator to process far greater volume of concrete with higher accuracy then by hand. Western Concrete Inc owns two very different machines to suit unique applications. One is an all-terrain track driven “screedsaver” made by Ligchine . We will travel in the tri-state. The Telescoping Boom Pump is an engineering marvel.

Utilization of Laser screed technology in present scenario. To meet customer demands for large floor areas with increased flatness and levelness requirements, .

Laser screed service available to assist you to install a flatter high quality floor with ease. GET PRICINGDOWNLOAD INFO. Pictures and video of laser screed , used to place concrete slab.

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