Chanthaburi gem market

This article highlights the Chanthaburi , Thailand gem market. Take a tour of the famous international gemstone market in Chanthaburi , Thailand. There are great deals in natural ruby, sapphire and other popular colored gemstones from all across the world. Chanthaburi is perhaps best known for its precious gems trade, and although small gem shops are scattered all over town, the area around Si Chan Road. Answer of 10: I noticed that suddenly there is a frequent recommendation to buy gems in chanthaburi.

While chanthaburi is the trading place in thailand it is not an advisable shopping place for anybody but for a person with experience in.

At the weeken Chanthaburi comes alive. The bustling gemstone market takes over several blocks of nondescript concrete shophouses and hundreds of tables covered with tiny colourful gemstones spill out onto the street. Behind them sit traders from all over the worl from Pakistan and Germany to Sri . Buying gemstones in Chanthaburi (Thailand).

Professionals and private individuals who are interested in buying from the Chanthaburi gemstone market for the best wholesale price worldwide. Gems Market or Gems Road is a well-known commercial area in Chanthaburi , the so-called “city of gems. The name Gems Road is referred to the main street of Si Chan Road and side streets of Soi Krachang, Wat Mai subdistrict, Mueang district. I have been working in this gem market for over years.

Over the years I have seen it boom and bust and come back again.

I know many of the sellers personally, their personal life stories, their children and the back story. I remember when the market was filled with Orange Sapphire that was . If you go there on a weekday, the Talad Ploy gem market is sleepy. Come Friday morning, and the place transforms into the vibrant . Sith Jungsanguansith (left) talks with Dr. The main street where the famous Gems Market takes place.

Gem traders waiting for . There are Buddhist temples and traditional Thai houses, while the narrow streets are alive with the normal sound of market vendors selling fruits, vegetables, animals and… minerals. These gems will ultimately end up in the high-street boutiques of Europe and America, and on their way west may be . Probably the most famous gem market in the world is in Chanthaburi Thailand. Check out the Chanthaburi gems and stay a couple of nights to see the temples. Moontown: A history of Chanthaburi , Thailand and Pailin, Cambodia and the gem mining and trading.

Having spent two days slogging through incredible monsoon mu on the morn of the third day, we resupplied in the Hweka market. Later, while laughing about our Superdog socks and Moon Rabbit . Chanthaburi is only open from Friday, Saturday and Sunday and usually most gemstone dealers from Bangkok go there. Join Local Alike on Thailand local tour of Thai discovery.